Necessity is the mother of invention

An expensive lesson to be learned... the hard way. I was sprucing up my house to sell. You know, really giving it that curb appeal for a true "love at first sight" feeling. I sunk a couple thousand dollars into shrubs, a few trees, and a myriad of colorful flowers. I thought I would save a few dollars and do all the landscaping myself. When it was all done, it looked great! ...for a while. I was watering and weeding all the time, but my time and effort went to waste. Everything was turning brown at an alarming rate.

Even though I was watering consistently, I soon realized that the water was only reaching the first inch or two of the fertilized topsoil. The roots were left high and dry and in dire need of water and nutrients. I knew I needed a direct access to the roots. After more attempts than I care to remember, I finally developed the perfect product for my landscaping needs.

Technically speaking...

The HydroFlowTM module is specifically designed to ensure consistent, deep-root nutrition for any planting application. The quickest and easiest way to install HydroFlowTM modules is by using our HydroTwist mini-auger which also prevents soil compaction. Churning the soil makes it lighter and fluffier, allowing roots to more easily grow closer to the module. The secret to our product’s success is this: it allows for the slow-release of fertilizer that is added to the module at the beginning of the grow season, then the introduction of consistent moisture throughout the season activates the continuous feeding cycle. Your plants get VIP access to an all-you-can-eat buffet!

A friend to the environment

HydroFlowTM is dedicated to producing environmentally-safe products. By using sturdy, inert polymers, there’s no worry about hazardous chemicals leeching into surrounding soils. Each module is reusable and refillable – letting you take control of the frequency in fertilization. Each HydroFlowTM module is an investment in your garden. We also offer customizable lengths of our modules for your specific needs.

Taking it deeper

Are there spots in your garden that refuse to stay dry? Does rainwater always manage to find a way into your basement? Our HydroFlow TM Water Relief modules are perfectly suited for your water mitigation needs!

From our experience, compacted clay layers in soil absorb water at a [very] slow rate. This prevents rainwater from being absorbed into deeper layers of soil. All that extra water either stands in the same place and creates swampy, puddle-ridden patches, or it spreads out along the clay layer, resulting in water reaching the house’s foundation and seeping into those minute cracks and into the basement. Either result isn’t okay with us! We offer DIY packages for at-home solutions, and we also provide more intensive alternatives for larger trouble areas. Contact us for more information [email protected]