Help your trees, shrubs, and flowers grow

Bigger. Greener. Stronger for Longer.

Give your plants a fighting chance! HydroFlowTM ensures direct feeder root access to water and nutrients, allowing your plants to rapidly grow and flourish. With our reusable, easy to install, nutrient (transport or feeding) modules, your beautifully designed landscape will thank you.

Modules are the perfect solution for getting Nutrients and Water straight to the root, season after season after season.

Made with environmentally friendly and safe product components
Reusable / Multiple lengths (can be customized) / Easy to install

Getting to the root of a problem.

Whether it's a new installation or an existing landscape, your plants need water and nutrients to not only survive but also to flourish in the ever changing weather patterns year after year.

HydroFlowTM delivers water and nutrients straight to the roots! The days of wasteful watering and over fertilizing to make sure your plants get what they require are over.

With HydroFlowTM, normal watering and direct nutrient applications will save you both time and money.


Have standing water? Fixing a patchy lawn?

Put the water where it belongs!

Statistical testing showed standing water disappeared 490% faster using HydroFlowTM Water Relief modules.
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HydroFlowTM Water Relief rapid infiltration modules are engineered to resolve most water-related issues concerning both residential and commercial applications.

Installation is as easy as: